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Primal Wizardry

A magic academy progression fantasy

Kole always wanted to be a wizard, a dream that grew into an obsession when his parents disappeared on an adventure. The son of two powerful magical traditions, Kole was hailed as a prodigy at an early age. But, a head start is of little use if you’re tied to the starting gate. When his mother’s magic manifested after he’d already embarked on the path to wizardry, he found he had only a singular powerful magical ability—to turn invisible.

But the heritage that granted that power holds him back from the higher heights of his dreams. He’s spent the last five years struggling to overcome his blocked wizardry, but when his parents are declared legally dead he is forced to make a choice. Stay at home and be forced to train as a Mirage Knight like his mother, or set out on his own to seek answers to his problem at the center of all magical learning, the Academy of Illunia.

action adventure fantasy magic slice of life wizards

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