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The Young Wise Man

In a world of might and magic, a boy named Nero was given a different life. He had lived his adolescence under one of the greatest heroes in the world, his father. Living a life of relative peace and seclusion. Learning alchemy, studying magic and gaining knowledge beyond his years.

In a ivory tower filled with books of which he calls home. With his father as his only companion through the growing years of his life. Until an eventful encounter thrusts him into a world away from the confines of his home. He will gain life experience much different from the pages of a book.

With a mysterious book in his possession called the “Book of Knowledge” or…the “Book of the Dead.” He will lead a life of adventure and to the pursuit of knowledge. Gaining numerous friends and many enemies after him. Nero will try to solve the mysteries surrounding him and live as he sees fit.

action adventure fantasy magic romance

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