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The Gods are Bastards

Wizards, elves and cowboys

It was a land of sword and sorcery, knights and castles, adventure and heroics…but that was a thousand years ago. The Gods are Bastards brings high fantasy forward into the Industrial Revolution, to a more complicated and more cynical era.

In the world of Tiraas, an ancient Church is making its final grab for ultimate power, an upstart young University seeks to bring its Enlightenment ethos to the world, and a teetering Empire struggles to balance tradition with progress. Better weapons, magics and technologies have changed the landscape, for better and for worse, and the age of ancient evils and heroic deeds is long over.

So when an ancient evil does rise again and heroes are needed to beat it back, the people of Tiraas must scramble to meet the challenge…if they can only stop scheming against each other long enough.

One thing is becoming clear: this time around, the gods will be no help.

adventure demons elves fae fantasy religion steampunk sword and sorcery

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