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Newest stories, ordered by increasing age since listing

Chaos Dog

adventure comedy cults gods mythic transgender

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Just Peachy

Well isn't this just peachy...

action apocalyptic comedy science science fiction time travel

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The Sons of Adam

When the last human city is besieged by nightmares, Nod's fighting back with a family of dreams.

action apocalyptic cyberpunk science fantasy series urban fantasy

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The dead always have a way to torment the living; but what if he was the dead?

drama fantasy ghosts magical realism mystery supernatural

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Saga of the Jewels

The best Final Fantasy game you've ever read

adventure airships ensemble fantasy magic steampunk

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Tales of Unlikely Wizard

Your regular Isekai with a twist. Now with 74% more science!

comedy fantasy magic sword and sorcery wizards young adult

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The Houndsman

A Base-Building LitRPG with dogs!

action adventure animals fantasy high fantasy rpgs

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A World in the Road

No Plan Survives First Contact

adventure aliens environmentalism first contact political science fiction

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Prometheus Reanimated

dark fantasy detective historical fantasy horror monsters transgender

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12 Miles Below

Freezing temperatures above, deadly machines below. Survival's going to take some clever thinking.

action ai epic occult post-apocalyptic science fiction

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Garden of Gnosis

fantasy gothic

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I'm Overpowered but I'll Let the Hero Do His Thing While I Save the Last Boss

Reborn to Rescue a Video Game World!

angels comedy fantasy slice of life urban fantasy young adult

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Sticks & Stones

action adventure anti-hero science fiction superhero

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Peculiar Soul

Not everyone gets a soul.

adventure alternate universe drama fantasy high fantasy war

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Ultra A.I.

Ever want a super-intelligent robot wingman?

ai comedy near future science fiction secret agents virtual reality

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Give In to Me

Falling for each is easy for Darzsa and Josiah, but facing their unspoken pasts won't be an easy feat in the Big Easy.

gay gothic historical fiction horror queer romance

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A Journey of Strength and Wisdom.

action adventure fantasy magic sword and sorcery war

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Conquest of Avalon

No Matter the Cost

dark fantasy diplomacy intrigue pirates revenge war

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The Assassin's Captive

male/male historical romance about an assassin who loves BDSM

first love gay historical fiction love stories queer romance

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The Space Legacy

What would you do if you found an ancient spaceship?

action adventure ai aliens nanotechnology science fiction

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Tall Tales: Wonderland

A biologist dabbling in the arcane

magic modern supernatural mythic occult paranormal urban fantasy

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Tall Tales: Over the Hedge

A witch seeking to understand the nature of magic and her place in it

magic mythic occult pagan paranormal urban fantasy

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Tall Tales: Matteson, P.I.

Adventures of a paranormal investigator immune to magic

cults magic modern supernatural mythic paranormal urban fantasy

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Tall Tales: Benediction

An inhuman priest's attempts to hunt a dangerous cult

cults demons occult paranormal religion urban fantasy

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Tall Tales

Interconnected short stories on the myriad ways paranormal investigation can go awry

historical fantasy magic mythic occult paranormal urban fantasy

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Impractical Magic

Welcome to Istima, the Six Court Academy. Study, survive, and hold your secrets close.

action comedy fantasy lesbian magic monsters

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The Primal Hunter

An archer hunting down enemies while exploring both his own powers and the world he now finds himself in.

action adventure fantasy magic post-apocalyptic rpgs

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Inheritors of Eschaton

Trapped in a world that ended long ago.

adventure complete fantasy magic post-apocalyptic science fantasy

9 boosters


Worth the Candle

Walking in the footsteps of the One True Hero

action fantasy horror teenagers

96 boosters


Dead Tired

No rest for the Liches

magic science undead wizards wuxia xianxia

78 boosters


Beastkin of GRIM

A fantasy world layered with conspiracies. Another world on the verge of collapse.

action adventure fantasy magic

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At the End of the World

A story about the nature of monsters and how they're made.

apocalyptic dark fantasy gothic horror religion science fantasy

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Dear Spellbook

Follow Tal as he tries to unlock the secrets of his Spellbook while mastering his own magic and trying to escape his time loop

fantasy high fantasy magic sword and sorcery time travel wizards

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Lever Action

A Fantasy Western

anti-hero elves fantasy mecha western

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Glints Saga: Dove

A magical girl's deepest hope might draw a line between her and her fellow heroines.

action drama fantasy superhero urban fantasy young adult

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The Weapon Spirit

Weapon spirit in a post-apocalyptic world.

action adventure drama fantasy high fantasy post-apocalyptic

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My Succubus System

Isekai, fantasy gender bending.

adventure demons fantasy magic sex

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Vigor Mortis

A starving girl finds a plentiful source of food: souls. The wisdom of this is questionable.

fantasy high fantasy horror humor magic undead

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The Forerunner Initiative - Book One: To Play With Magic

The Forerunner Initiative is an ideal. A way to fight back against the System. A chance to save a world from the uncaring devastation of System Inclusion.

adventure science fantasy

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Tower of Somnus

When humanity first encountered alien life, we were judged and found wanting.

action aliens cyberpunk magical realism thriller virtual reality

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Kairos: A Greek Myth LitRPG

adventure fantasy historical fantasy mythic pirates rpgs

196 boosters


As the Ark Sank

A character-driven, dystopian sci-fi novel updated 3x/week.

dystopian science fiction

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Glints Saga: Papillon

Five years after saving the world, a former magical girl meets a butterfly-woman who might bring magic back into her life.

drama fantasy lesbian romance superhero urban fantasy

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A Martial Odyssey

Revenge. One step at a time.

anti-hero fantasy intrigue martial arts romance xianxia

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Stray Cat Strut: A Young Lady's Journey to Becoming a Pop-Up Samurai

A cyberpunk magical-girl alien-invasion LitRPG.

action aliens cyberpunk lesbian rpgs

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fantasy queer romance

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Seer Walks Out

Seer and two friends go on a quest for power - and find a new world.

adventure dystopian young adult

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Infinite Realm: Monsters & Legends

Tragedy? Check. Morally Dubious? Check. Edge Lords? Check. Badass mom? Check. Valkyrie twins? Check. Voted no. 1 LitRPG by that one dude.

action fantasy magic post-apocalyptic rpgs xianxia

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The Wings of Ashtaroth

Queer epic fantasy in a world based on classical history. Full of dark, twisty politics.

dark fantasy epic fantasy historical fantasy queer

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Obsidian Trilogy

A young mortal becomes an apprentice of the creators of his world. Things happen...

adventure anti-hero dragons epic fantasy magic

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