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Immortal Templar

Once dedicated to God and the sword, culling dark creatures and corrupted humans that threatened society, Thomas is an ancient soul that has forced his way back into the realm of the living from the afterlife. With his faith lost, and without any purpose behind his new life, he is a free spirit that pursues anything he develops an interest in.

Senna is a nature fae, captured for her magical properties and tormented until her innocent nature is stripped, replaced by an unquenchable anger towards everyone and everything. With her innocence gone and straying from the correct path, her connection with nature is severed and she is forced to consume blood in order to survive.

Despite the differences in the two, Thomas saves Senna from her prison and takes her under his protection, even if she is destined to turn into the very thing he once hunted to protect humanity.

Thomas now runs a supernatural private investigator office with the help of Senna, selling charms and trinkets on the side, but the world seems to be getting increasingly dangerous with a rise of monster attacks and foreign realms encroaching on Earth.

dystopian fae fantasy futuristic magic xianxia

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