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Whispers From Realmspace

In a world where magical bonds with creatures define destiny, young Addie must navigate a perilous journey of survival.

Her father is one such Area Lord, but he refuses to teach her magic, insisting she is too young. Instead, she goes searching for it on her own. In the process, she finds out her trusted personal maid might not be what she seems. An investigation in a dark basement leads to consequences Addie wishes she hadn’t discovered. But, perhaps she’ll meet someone who can help. What to expect:

— A child MC who actually behaves like a child

— A return to classical fantasy

— Fast action-packed pace

— Animal companions as magical familiars known as ‘bonded’

— NO stat tables

— Adventure, mischief, and the great discovery of magic

— Difficulties and the journey of overcoming them

— Progression fantasy style growth (weak to great power)

— Mysteries and lore


This is a slow burn progression fantasy story with a growing young protagonist in a world of mystery. Magic is created through bonds, whether it be with magical creatures, known as ‘bonded’, or even with plants or the earth itself. This story does not contain any NSFW content.

The update schedule is three chapters a week— Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 9 AM EST.

© 2024, Apsley. All rights reserved.

adventure children fantasy high fantasy mystery

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