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The Glint Spear

Join Alphonse and Maki's adventure up the Glint Spear every week!

The world of Luminos stands ready to watch this century’s climb to the top of the Glint Spear. With the promise of world shaping power at the tip of the Spear, every nation from the zealous Gaylen Divinity, to the illustrious Basteel Empire have sent their best.

Alphonse and Maki arrived at Mirefield with a retirement plan. A simple stick-up, and their pockets would be lined for years. Little did they know, they’d find themselves tricked into undertaking the climb to the top of the Glint Spear, pushing them to their limits.

With their lives balanced on the tip of the spear, will Alphonse and Maki become the heroes Luminos deserves, or two more corpses at the base of the Glint Spear?

adventure fantasy high fantasy magic series violence

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