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Popular stories, tagged wizards, ordered by reader boosts 1 week

Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy

A young man is destined to be the worst of his kingdom's heroes...he runs off to wizard university instead.

action adventure college comedy magic wizards

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The Hedge Wizard

A Dungeons and Dragons inspired adventure with a realism-focused spin on gamelit.

action adventure fantasy magic rpgs wizards

28 boosters


Dead Tired

No rest for the Liches

magic science undead wizards wuxia xianxia

3 boosters


Dear Spellbook

Follow Tal as he tries to unlock the secrets of his Spellbook while mastering his own magic and trying to escape his time loop

fantasy high fantasy magic sword and sorcery time travel wizards

2 boosters


Drinker of the Yew: A Necromancer's Tale

A Story of Magic, and a Descent to Necromancy

epic gods magic mythic redemption wizards

0 boosters


Steamforged Sorcery

Treasure hunting meets a steampunk fantasy setting

action adventure high fantasy steampunk sword and sorcery wizards

0 boosters


Wizard's Tower

addiction fantasy magic quest slice of life wizards

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Tales of an Unlikely Wizard

Your regular Isekai with a twist. Now with 74% more science!

comedy fantasy magic sword and sorcery wizards young adult

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