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Fusion: The Journey (奇幻之旅)

An oriental fantasy web novel

Yang Deya, an intelligent and quick-witted girl, was brought up in a sheltered environment by her parents, Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü (Condor Hero Couple), far away from the chaotic turmoil that engulfed her country, the Song Empire of Ancient China. Father Yang Guo, who once singlehandedly warded off a Mongolian invasion by slaying the Khan, was a national hero who had earned the nickname "Condor Hero" or "Western Eccentric". Although Mother Xiaolongnü wished for Deya to grow up peacefully without being involved in any worldly troubles, fate had decided otherwise.

Chosen by a godly entity from another dimension, Deya would be thrusted into a new universe. A universe that would test her conventional knowledge. In this new world, humans shared the land with the elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, nagas and other monsters. Use of magic in this world was common, so were engineered mechas and automatons. Although Thea was puzzled at first, it gradually became obvious through her adventures, that she was brought here for a reason.

Would she mature fast enough to survive in this new world?

action adventure fantasy martial arts steampunk sword and sorcery wuxia

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