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The God of Lyn

Kings and Kingdoms fall, but God is always one

Eon Wray, boorish young man, in hopes of escaping the boredom of everyday life, buys a popular VRMMORPG game ‘The Gods of Lyn’. However, shortly after the creation of his character and the moments of he world after, he realizes that he’s somehow found himself in a seamless replica of the game’s world.

Follow him as he struggles to uphold his beliefs, faces the childlike innocence of his dreams he can’t fulfill, follow through the heartbreak of friendships and relationships, unveil the mysteries that danced in shadows of his appearance in this world, and his grand desire of escaping the mortal coil to conquer the entire world.

Story filled with high-fantasy action, touches of politics, internal and external struggles as well as a dash of romance.

action fantasy medieval rpgs sword and sorcery wuxia

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