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The World of Arcadius

In the 57th year of King Kayan the Hunter’s reign, a heavy soul comes awake to a new world. Without memories or a name, the conscious of a young man is thrust into a body of foreign origin with no sense for danger. Danger that can come from tiny talking balls of pink fluff, the hands of old men, and from within the ground as spears molded from earth. It is a dangerous world and our young soul has no idea as to what he must do to survive. Nor does he know his purpose.

He must confront the world with the aid of those who summoned him. Those who wish upon him, a stranger, the goal of saving the world.

A world coming undone by the powers that are beyond those of mortals; our young soul will be thrust amidst the conflict of it all. The balance of the world weighs on his shoulders.

action adventure fantasy magic medieval

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