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The Cities Eternal

An Online Serial of Myth and magic in the Modern World

In 2022, a year of strange and terrible occurrences proved merely a prelude to an event of cataclysmic proportions. They were warning signs heralding the invasion of the legendary and the supernatural into the modern world. All the great deities and spirits from ancient myth and folklore thrust upon a collapsing world, and their resurgence shatters the boundaries between reality and fantasy.

When the modern era finds itself under siege from the gods and monsters of antiquity, what survivors remain must make hard decisions and unusual allies to survive in a world that grows stranger every day.

The Cities Eternal is an ongoing web serial that has been operating since August 2015 updating twice weekly. Its story is divided into "Volumes" which contain complete arcs that follow a revolving trio of protagonists as they learn to live in a world unlike anything they’ve known.

Friday updates are "Main Chapters" which follow these characters and the primary plotline usually focused in the city of Rome. Wednesday updates are "Side Chapters" devoted to following other people across the world of The Cities Eternal that expand the setting, explore new views of the story, and provide hints on what’s to come.

fantasy monsters mythic near future post-apocalyptic series

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