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Weaver's Knight

Love is Majestic

Even after artist Alex Deleon found himself fighting a Reanimate for a woman he’d just met, he had no idea of the world – and life – that they were about to face together. Imbued with powers he’d only dreamed of and faced with nightmare conspiracies that surpass a fringe theorist’s most paranoid delusions, Alex must learn how to confront what he’s become and the reality he’s faced with.

He’d better do it fast, because those same conspiracies are after Sara Taylor – drifter, hero, witch, Weaver. Psychically wounded in a fight with a man even monsters fear, Sara retains an unparalleled power to conduct the forces of destiny, but little else. Together, they must find the strength to change her fate, and possibly, the world’s. Because if they don’t, a travesty among men waits in the shadows to make fate his own…

fantasy modern supernatural mythic series urban fantasy

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