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What's done in the dark will be brought to the light

In Savlop-2, no one has ever seen the sun.

It is a city beneath a black sky, isolated by catastrophe and ridden with crime, sustained through the power of technology and the cruelty of its rulers.

In one of the city’s worst slums, a young woman loses her job and makes a few bad decisions. Forced into a corner, she accepts an offer she cannot refuse. Now, she must make her way in the city’s criminal underbelly with nothing but a diamond-edged powersaw and her own baser instincts- but life in D-block is quick and brutal, and these may not be enough…

Menschenjaeger is a dystopian cyberpunk/sci-fi serial featuring plenty of action, along with crime politics and quieter moments. Be warned that it contains violence, frequent swearing, some dark themes, and a small amount of sexual content.

Updates about once a week; 3000 to 6000 word chapters.

This story is only posted on Royal Road as linked below, and is provided free of charge. If you find it somewhere else and/or someone’s trying to charge money for it, they’ve stolen my work and are trying to scam you. I only add this warning because it’s happened before.

anti-hero crime cyberpunk dystopian science fiction violence

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