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Hack Alley Doctor

This town is sick, and Derrick is the cure.

It’s 2034, and Derrick Yu is an apprentice mod-doctor at Hack Alley, a prosthetic modification shop in the ugly part of Chinatown.

Or, what used to be Chinatown at least. Gangs from all around the country prowl the streets, robbing the locals and refugees alike, as the rest of America is torn apart by greed and poverty.

And Derrick wasn’t always an apprentice mod-doctor; he has a secret that could put him in danger if someone found out, especially a gang like the White Leopards.

Meanwhile, people around the world are realizing that something’s wrong with their mods. Mod manufacturers like Stoneridge Prosthetics pretend like everything is normal, but not everyone believes them … .

As the bills pile up, and Hack Alley battles bankruptcy and gangs alike, Derrick’s going to learn to fight back and stand proud, all while installing mods for the community, and upgrading his own.

Gangs, secrets, and conspiracies: what else could a Hack Alley Doctor hope for?

adventure cyberpunk dystopian mystery science fiction urban fantasy

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