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Chosen Shackles

The screen is running static. Face your shadow.

The future came in devastation, but we bury it in the lights now, to forget. It was better once, they tell us not to say. Now, at the end of our century, we’ve rebuilt. The city neon glows brighter and casts a shadow deeper on the world.

This is just the beginning.

In the Eastern Pacific, a sickness is taking roots in the city’s guts. Dead angels are raising dark choirs to sooth our nightmares. Sing Hallelujah. Frode, a young sheep, can’t sleep. Even in dreams, there’s no rest no more. A hungry God is waking up.

Chosen Shackles is a Vaporwave Cyberpunk Webserial. It will update biweekly [sat/tue] and reach novel length. This fiction is a spiritual successor in the Dirge series.

The screen is running static. Face your shadow.

complete cyberpunk dystopian horror humor occult philosophy robots science fiction young adult

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