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Trilobite Park

The South Hertling Chronicles 3

The Australian suburb of South Hertling has known its share of misfortunes—supervillain attacks, unexpected time rifts, attempted robot uprisings and crashed spaceships, to name but a few.

But finally the suburb has some good news!

It is opening day of a new attraction in which for the first time ever, the public can see extinct creatures in captivity—Trilobite Park! Excitement is in the air as new staff, visitors, reporters and local school students have all come to see some semi-fascinating trilobites do whatever it is that they do, exactly.

Now granted, the place was built on the ruins of a magical pyramid. Granted, the construction was a little hasty. Sure, the scientist in charge is a little… off. And sure, the emergency systems were mostly scavenged from a decommissioned Soviet submarine. But hey, why worry about that? I mean, seriously, how dangerous can trilobites be?

Trilobite Park is Part Three in the South Hertling Chronicles series. It is not necessary to have read Parts One or Two to understand it. Just take it as read that a bunch of weird stuff happened, and now there are trilobites.

adventure fantasy horror humor romance science fantasy urban fantasy young adult

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