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Clocks and Boxes

The South Hertling Chronicles 2

The Hardware Wars have ended and yet peace has not returned to the South Hertling Shopping Supercentre. A mysterious Pyramid that no one talks about still looms over the little Australian suburb. The number of time-lost refugees from alternate worlds seems to be growing. And mysterious artifacts keep showing up in the watch repair shop.

What sinister conspiracy is brewing at Mr Theopoulos’ kebab place?

Can a rebel leader organise the resistance from the back room of Storage Universe?

Will an aging shopkeeper ask for a date?

Will Donna ever forgive Gwen for being all evil and stuff?

Could the repair of the timelines forever destroy Fanaka and Nalda’s romance?

And what’s the deal with the talking cats?

Part of the South Hertling Chronicles comedy/fantasy series

Updates Wednesday (Australian time)

complete fantasy humor romance science fantasy urban fantasy

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