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Fury: Book One of the Titanomachy

Blood begets blood...

When Karson and Ax find out that their foster father has been murdered, they are out for blood. Kabiri had been a reformed gangbanger, preaching to young thugs about how to do more with their lives. What Karson and Ax expected was to have to hunt down a gang. They didn’t expect to find a strange cult. They also didn’t expect to find themselves sucked through time and space to ancient Greece, in the Age of Mythology.

In the world they find themselves, might and magic rule as creatures of myth and legend walk the earth hunting and slaughtering mankind. The Titans and the Olympian Gods are starting their great war, and the chaos of the dark ages has begun. But Karson and Ax aren’t going to give up their blood feud just because of a little war, especially not now that they can hunt that cult at its source. Even better, in this world, they can command magic they’d never even dreamed of.

The cultists chose the wrong brothers to start a feud with. Karson and Ax are prepared to vent their fury, but will it make them lose everything?

action dark fantasy fantasy gods sex

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