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Zero Sum

Zero Sum is an actual play speculative fantasy and action drama webserial that follows an array of characters as they navigate the oppressive structures of a dystopian society that subjugates and fears Wrights—people who wield powers that society uses for daily convenience.

The year is 2135 and the world is burning. Telos Corp., a billion dollar tech company run by the illustrious Aicha Lysandros, lives embedded in Amstead like a parasite, manipulating the political climate and keeping a stranglehold on the center of Wright intellect, the Bourbaki Institute, all to make her dream of attaining immortality and establishing a space colony a reality. Meanwhile, Amstead’s most populous metropolis, Port Haven, grows tenser as refugees flood in from their dying homeland, Ossa, to find sanctuary in one of the world’s last thriving cities. Amstead’s hostility and fear continues to grow as other countries encroach on their borders in hopes of seizing their resources. Amstead Armed Forces works tirelessly on developing new weapons for their defense and their own plunder of neighboring resources—including weaponized wrights. As materials, funds and stability dwindle, wrights, both refugee and citizen, are forcibly drafted to assist in the ongoing border wars and the prosperity of Port Haven under penalty of incarceration.

But not everyone is willing to let the tides of the powerful overcome them.

ZERO SUM is the first world of RUCKUS, a collaborative writing group featuring 6 professional writers and 2 editors performing a collaborative world building and storytelling experience live on Discord.

action dark fantasy drama dystopian fantasy science fantasy series

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