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Hope: The Beast Mistress

Who will be tamed and who will be the tamer?

After becoming the heroine of her village, Hope is ripped from her home by the terrifying lord Drake. Her special ability to tame animals makes her the perfect candidate to resolve his problem. The essence of the most powerful and cruel dragon resides inside him.

Soon, Hope is intrigued by the man, being torn apart between love and hate. She doesn’t know who is crueler, the man or the dragon. Will she be able to tame the Fire Dragon? Or will taming the man prove to be even harder?

Drake is an exiled prince and a monster with a beast inside of him. Finding someone wild and bold who can wreak havoc in his life was something he never thought possible. Will he be able to cope with his new feelings?

Be prepared for a roller coaster with romance, darkness, beasts, humor, blood, and gore.

dark fantasy dragons fantasy gods romance sex

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