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Beastkin of GRIM

A fantasy world layered with conspiracies. Another world on the verge of collapse.

Trapped on a dying Earth, humanity desperately exploited technology to access the parallel world of Hovestile, a realm of magic and monsters.

Hundreds were carefully chosen to enter this world with plans to prepare for colonization, but contact with the humans of Earth was immediately lost. Nonetheless, the natives of Hovestile welcomed any assistance to defeat the monsters threatening their lands. The humans from Earth who accepted this task were labeled as Outworld Adventurers, individuals with the ability to improve their natural abilities through “stats.” Those born to Hovestile were referred to as Native Adventurers, original denizens with an innate talent for magic.

Alphonse Kneller is one such outworld adventurer who dreams of making Hovestile his true home. But on his third dungeon foray, he is betrayed by his adventuring party and left for dead.

As he begins to abandon hope, Kirie and Asa—two young catgirl demihumans—rescue and heal him. Their mother, Rinka, offers Alphonse a precarious gift known as the Construct Contract, a strange tome of equivalent exchange created by an ancient alchemist.

Accepting the contract and a bond with the two sisters, the three new comrades journey into the world as an adventuring party. They are the first members of the guild known as GRIM.

This story is planned out as a massive project spanning multiple volumes.

action adventure fantasy magic

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