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Wolf, Owl, & Black Apple

Wolf, Owl, & Black Apple is a serialized collection of mystery fiction, inspired by equal parts Sherlock Holmes and Terry Pratchett’s Discworld. It updates every Wednesday and Sunday.

The collected stories revolve around long-time friends Juniper Wolf and Noel Lackaday, two orphans from the city-state of Arcanum. Fooled and kidnapped, the two end up stranded in the corrupt resort city of Blackapple Hills, with their city IDs - their passports and the keys to their old lives - stolen and sold off to parts unknown.

Rescued from a terrible fate by Forseti, an immortal monster and one of the greatest detectives on the planet, the stranded duo request her aid in recovering not only their IDs, but the unique, fractal-bearing bracelet that was stolen from Noel - and become the ancient detective’s assistants in the process.

As Forseti helps them settle down in the city, and the hunt for the bracelet begins, the duo begin their new lives in Blackapple Hills, working alongside the detective and interacting with the many faces and unique personalities that reside in the city of black fruit…

detective fantasy humor mystery series teenagers urban fantasy

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