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The Menocht Loop

How I Accidentally Became the Strongest Necromancer

A time loop fantasy adventure in a contemporary magitech setting!

Ian Dunai thought he was powerless.

He’s not alone: only a small percent of the population have high enough affinities to perform magic. But in the eyes of his father’s gifted family, Ian’s impotence is a disgrace—a stain on their lineage, brought about by his mother’s common blood.

One fateful day, Ian awakens not in his college dorm but in the middle of the ocean on an old dinghy. Confronted by risen skeletons, tortured captives, and a shoreside city in the throes of contagion, reaching home is the least of his problems.

Without magic, Ian’s life is in constant danger, but he soon discovers that death isn’t the end. Whenever Ian dies, he wakes back up on the dinghy, cursed to relive the day over and over again.

As Ian investigates the purpose of the loop and a way to escape, he begins to realize that he might be more powerful than anyone—especially himself—ever imagined.

action fantasy magic modern science fantasy undead

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