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Star Exile: Singularity

The next generation of warfare was designed to be bloodless—at least that was the idea. When a 500-year old peace treaty from a war people to refuse to forget expires, the major political empires of the galaxy agree on a new way to settle the dispute for good: Eternity Online, a new and unknown all-digital game universe designed to give both sides a way to stake their claim on the Eternity system, a empty and coveted no man’s land of unmatched wealth, prosperity, and nearly unlimited resources.

For Kyle Gennan, a drone operator working for a mining company on the wild fringes of galactic civilization, this war was a way to escape his rocky past and the person who hurt him most. No one could have predicted the dangerous implications of an entirely digital war set in a universe without traditional limits.

When Kyle finds himself on the run from the two most powerful governments in the galaxy, he’ll have to carve his own path through the stars to forge his new life if he has any hope of experiencing Eternity.

action adventure cyberpunk fantasy magic rpgs science fantasy virtual reality

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