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Tales From the Kingdom of the Red Sun

In the Kingdom of the Red Sun lies a city called Exter Diqune, ruled by the fair and beautiful Duchess Tamira Diqune, it is home to thousands of furs and humans. As a hub of trade and prosperity, it attracts those with an ambition to better themselves and those who are looking for a place to disappear. Underneath the pristine facade lies a hot bed of political intrigues, scandals and shady back room deals that could topple the city and shift the balance of the entire Kingdom.

An unlikely meeting between a cocky cat burglar and a foreign refugee leads to adventure, heroism and poor decision making as the two are forced on the run from the local thieves’ guild only to find that their employers have hired them to assassinate the Duchess.

"Tales" is a twice weekly serial with three contiguous and intertwined stories, each with their own story headings, arcs and resolutions. They are all available as individual novellas in PDF and HTML for easy reading, a novel including all the stories will also be made available upon completion of all three plot lines.

action adventure fae fantasy furry pdf available series

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