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They are Smol

In the far future, if you're clever, cuteness can be a weapon.

They are Smol takes place in the near-to-far future, and asks two very simple questions:

(1) What if we aren’t alone in the universe? (2) What if the other aliens out there found us absolutely adorable?

The They are Smol series, updated weekly, takes place after a disastrous first contact and the subsequent accidental invasion of Earth. Once things settle down, the new neighbors get used to the new normal.

Humanity is being uplifted for many reasons; they provide new culture and art on the galactic scene, sure. They can also look at scientific and social problems in a new light—absolutely. The stories and dreams they bring have been unsung by the other races—and yeah, that’s nice too. Mainly though, it’s just to get them to do something productive with their lives, stop pack-bonding with the cleaning drones and STOP SETTING EVERYTHING ON FIRE—

Humans, for their part, are oscillating between abject fear at the otherness of their new neighbors and the frustration that they keep placing things on the top shelf.

action adventure aliens comedy furry humor nanotechnology science fiction series slice of life

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