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Force of Fate

Deadly Pirate Kitten Girl

What makes a psychopath?

Magarce is a psychopath—frightening, amoral, deadly, wanton—and a Nerre, a feline creature from a world of rigorous protocol and deeply ingrained civility.

Force of Fate explores where she came from, follows with unflinching gaze as she pursues her bad choices into a world of deeper and deeper depravity and savagery—and doesn’t blink, even when this life becomes unendurable to her and she must change, with the help of some new friends who could as well be described as hostages, or victims.

Magarce is not safe. She’s as disturbing as she is cute. But, inevitably, she must come to terms with what she’s become, and what she’s always been… for the sake of love, or whatever twisted notion she uses to stand for love…

action adventure fantasy furry sex space pirates violence

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