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Far Flung

FAR FLUNG is a sci-fi odyssey, the stories told by a rookie reporter as he becomes his colony ship’s best hope for survival. New chapters will be released regularly, weaving a tale of the search for a new home, far from Earth.

When the aliens boarded our ship, I heard their thoughts in my head. Their fear and suspicion became tangled with my own as they exited our airlock. Clad in black armor, they each carried four weapons in their long, thick claws – I could see in my mind as they planned to fire each weapon at a different crew member. If I offended them, we would all die quickly. So many depended on me. They will again, every time we meet another alien species. I would give anything to go back to being William Flynn, the naïve journalist for the Galactic Observer. When our colony ship appeared here, so far from the rest of the fleet, there was no way I could be an impartial observer any longer. Only two of us on the ship can hear the aliens, through some strange telepathy. The other is our navigator, the young prodigy Helena Clarke. Skilled as she is, she looks up to me, as if my career better prepared me for first contact with other races. I must negotiate our survival. I must lead our desperate search for a new home. We can’t go back. I can’t just be a reporter, but I can hope my messages reach you. I can even hope that I will reach you, and hold you again, my love.

— William Flynn, formerly reporter for the Galactic Observer

Follow Flynn’s logs as he finds the crew of his colony ship looking to him as they navigate far reaches of unknown space and deal with the residents of a distant galaxy. The story continues with your help – read, comment, critique, and of course, share!

adventure aliens science fiction space opera

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