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Bard’s Log

[Basic Accounting and Records Device - Status: ONLINE]

A colonization mission has gone awry. The away team at PEATS (Proxima Environment & Atmosphere Terraforming Station PEATS) has been engulfed by a planetwide barrier. When the barrier vanished five days later, the SAS Hughes in orbit was suddenly struck by a surface-to-space laser-cannon. The survivors aboard the SAS Göttfried and SAS Protecteur learned that time had been accelerated on the surface, and now its up to Iria Saveedra, the android admiral, and space-trooper Commander John Dunbar to find out what happened during the five hundred million year span between the appearance and disappearance of the spatiotemporal anomaly. Join them upon an alien world as they meet new friends, make new enemies, and learn the truth behind the strange jump forward in time.

clones colonization dwarves elves fantasy first contact mecha robots science fantasy space opera

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