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Shattered Void

The galaxy is a crowded place. Warring nations press in on all sides as the ancient Vestige Empire struggles to hold on to the last of its power. What was once a vast, sprawling empire has found itself reduced to little more than a few struggling star systems. As the once-great dominion crumbles, the border planet Alessar sits at a crossroads of powers scavenging for any scraps they can pluck for themselves. Amid all the intrigue and maneuvering, the Alessari known as Ethereals find themselves the target of a silent war, and without a way to fight back, they may soon find themselves an unwitting weapon in someone else’s hands. Meanwhile, a young scrapper finds himself the unwitting owner of a powerful relic that could shake the foundations of society. Change ever looms on the horizon, but not all change is for the better…

adventure aliens alternate universe epic fantasy science fantasy space opera urban fantasy

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