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The Scapegoats

In the eyes of Silas, a young man who wanders the streets of his town late at night in search of refuge from crippling nightmares, the people of the world, himself included, are simply cockroaches. Numerous, widespread, easily crushed… Each individual is just another creature of carapace or bone among many. Being never quite certain where he’s stepping and who may be under his shoes, Silas prefers not to get close. He is no longer able to keep his distance however, as the sudden discovery of mysterious and uncontrollable powers coincides with the arrival of a group of people asking for help he’s not too willing to give. As his powers continue to manifest, and strange occurrences start to pop up around town, Silas begins to suspect that the dwindling of the local cockroach population isn’t just a coincidence…

crime dark dreams fantasy science fantasy superhero urban fantasy

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