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Everyone Wears a Mask

Since the 1960’s, the public has known of the existence of metahumans. Individuals with extraordinary abilities were appearing with ever-increasing frequency. Some saw their power as justification to force their will upon the canvas of the world, but just as they came against humanity, some stood against them. These individuals were branded as heroes; protectors of mankind. The fight is far from over, however, and it has spread to affect nearly all aspects of daily life.

Various organizations have been created and disbanded in the course of trying to control the world’s metahuman population. Now, Argus, a special UN organization, sanctions and monitors hero activity around the World.

Aka follows Nate, a young man who wants nothing but to live a normal life. Unfortunately for him, his powers have other plans for him. Nate has never felt in control of his abilities, and in a world where metahumans are closely monitored, that is doubly bad. Despite people around him urging him to be a hero, Nate has resisted. That is, until, his powers show him a disaster that he can’t stand idly by and watch unfold.

action adventure crime fantasy modern supernatural science fantasy superhero urban fantasy young adult

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