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Mother of Exiles

A story about nine things that look like people.

Earlier today, in Manhattan, nine very different people began an attack on New York. They fought with coordination, with relentless strength, and with supernatural abilities. After the attack, the nine attempted to escape New York City out to sea, but were stopped by the authorities. When questioned, they revealed that not only did they have no idea why they had done what they had done, but that they had no idea where their powers had come from.

These nine are then unwillingly thrust into the infinitely complex world of the supernatural that turns unseen beneath the everyday. It’s a world of secret societies and government agencies, a world of mutants and extra terrestrials, a world of wizards and gods, a world of mad scientists and sentient machines. It’s a world that wants them dead. If they are to survive and discover what happened to them that day, it is not enough that they understand this new world. They must understand each other, and themselves. They must learn who they were, and what they have become.

Mother of Exiles is the story of nine villains who are trying to be heroes. Of nine monsters who are trying to be human. Of nine wrecks who are trying to be a family.

action adventure drama fantasy modern supernatural science fantasy superhero urban fantasy

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