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The Desolate Blade

For we shall meet again, oh Child of Darkness, the Unborn...

In the world of Aradon, the Child of Darkness had been incarnated out of the womb of the Mother of Desolation. He is not entirely human, as he was the destined manifestation of humanity’s worst desires and sins, which led him to become the one to salvage humanity, by being killed with the Sword of Virtue. The banished Child of Darkness seeks vengeance against Vaelen, the formidable leader of the Holy Church. The Child’s existence itself is an enigma—a contradiction of the Light, yet destined to play a crucial role in the grand tapestry of fate.

Amidst the clash of ideals, His relentless pursuit of Vaelen, the charismatic leader of the Holy Church, becomes a dance of shadows and illumination. His journey, intertwined with the fate of Aradon, blurs the line between hero and villain, for his existence both opposes and serves The Light.

adventure dark dark fantasy fantasy medieval violence

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