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Yesterday's Prince

What would you do if your body and your kingdom were stolen?

YESTERDAY’S PRINCE is The Sword in the Stone with a Freaky Friday twist. Uther is a young prince who’s reluctantly thrust into having to defend his throne against his usurping uncle and all-around powerful wizard, who uses his powers to steal the one thing Uther thought he couldn’t take: his own body. After becoming the villain of the realm in an instant, Uther struggles to find anyone that will believe his story. His uncle’s unsavory reputation lands him with a family of dark fae, a goblin, and a troll—not the usual team of knightly heroes.

Together, this odd team will untangle a web of curses, escape bounty hunters, and confront fae. If Uther can’t figure out how to reverse his uncle’s curse, he’ll be trapped in a body that’s not his own—doomed to be a villain—for the rest of his life.

adventure epic fae fantasy high fantasy magic medieval sword and sorcery

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