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Outcasts of Alyvion

Containing mentions of those peculiar beasts known as pegallamacorns

A mute siren. A passively rebellious bard. A half-nymph witch hunter. A cursed assassin and spy.

And the occasional pegallamacorn.

Outcasts of Alyvion chronicles the adventures of four individuals as they influence the fate of Alyvion, a land immersed in magic yet choked with suspicion and fear as both witches and witch hunters war for power.

Farcry is the initial book in the Outcasts of Alyvion series, and covers the adventures of two of the four main characters: Vess Farcry, a mute siren, and Leir Palisban, a deceptively cheerful bard. Thrown together by a mutual enemy, they remain friends by choice, heedless of the many dangers from their respective pasts and careers that threaten their survival…

adventure fantasy high fantasy humor magic medieval

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