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Twisted Machine

A Cultivation story, about silly things and Eldritch abominations.

When Jade, the notorious Void Sorceress, and Chloe, the beloved Wonder Light are whisked away from their world and plunged into a realm of cultivation where strength reigns supreme, and the weak are crushed beneath the heels of the powerful, they realize that their conflict is no longer black and white.

With danger lurking around every corner, The Void Sorceress and Wonder Light must put aside their differences and work together to survive. But as they navigate the treacherous terrain of this strange new land, where individuals train to master various skills and abilities in order to become stronger and achieve great feats, they begin to question whether they even want to return home.

Will they find a way back, or will they choose to stay and pursue a new path, one that leads to power, glory, and maybe even redemption?

adventure fantasy superhero telepathy violence xianxia

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