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Saving Christmas: Slay Bells

24 hours until the big day, and the big man's sleigh has been stolen...

24 hours until the Fat Man’s big yearly mission… and enemy forces have broken into the workshop and stolen The Sleigh. It’s up to Blip ‘Wiry’ Skipperson and his elite team of special forces black ops elves to retrieve it in time. With him are Cammy ‘Cambo’ Pepper, a heavy artillery specialist. Bobbi ‘Doc’ Bubbly is their medic. Tina ‘Shade’ Toodles is their intrusion expert and close range combat specialist. And last, but that’s only because he hangs back to act as a sniper, is Benji ‘Longshot’ Benjers with his long range candy cane crossbow.

For those reading it in a browser, I’ve included the audiobook version of each chapter as a video at the top of the story.

action christmas comedy humor registration required satire violence

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