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Rate Me Red

a comic novel of the future

Gordy has a problem. His girlfriend, Poppy Nicole, wants to meet him in REALITY (TM).

That’s the premise of the comic sci-fi novel, Rate Me Red.

It’s the year 2043 and Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, reality television and Ebay have all merged into the VidNet. Everyone and anyone can have a VidNet show, but it’s the people who are rated, not the shows, on a scale from Purple to Red.

Poppy just knows that if she and Gordy meet in REALITY (TM) , and better yet, have sex in REALITY (TM), on her show, it’s sure to boost her rating. But the prospect makes Gordy so nervous he fails to heed the warning signs of a worldwide economic collapse (caused by a bubble in imaginary toothpaste sales). Will Gordy be able to save VidNet Society? More importantly, will he and Poppy have sex in REALITY (TM)? The answers lie in Rate Me Red.

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