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They are Smol

In the far future there is only high adventure!

They Are Smol takes place in the near future after a disastrous first contact and the subsequent accidental invasion of Earth. Humanity is on a rapid uplift schedule, partly because our alien neighbors feel guilty, partly because having another allied species is a boon all around, and partly because it took us something like 150,000 years to learn how to plant grain.

…look, nobody ever said we were clever. Humans, as a whole, oscillate between abject fear at the otherness of our neighbors and the frustration that they keep putting everything on the top shelf.

It's adventuretime

Together, we go on adventures.

= = = =

They are Smol is also a:

  1. Very active Discord community: Come join us!
  2. A Meme-laden twitter: The ride never ends!
  3. An active Patreon community with tons of extra stuff!

Please come hang out with us! We’d love to have you here.

action adventure aliens comedy furry humor science fiction series slice of life

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