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I'm Not A Monster, It's Only A Mask

Life is a game, and villains play for keeps.

Maxwell Esprit and Sam Perez have been lifelong friends. Nothing’s come between them: none of the boys he’s liked, none of the girls she’s been with, nobody. They’ll do everything with each other, even join an evil supervillain organization together. The greater freedoms, mixed with a hint of danger, are the perfect ingredients to allure the young and the desperate into the life of a henchman. Though, with this risky opportunity, there come even more perilous consequences. With the struggle to keep their identities a secret, hide from the prying eyes of the law, and survive in this mad world, Maxwell and Sam will be pushed to their breaking points which will truly test their bond. Life is a game, and villains play for keeps.

action coming of age modern supernatural superhero

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