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The Extraordinary Adventures of the Alpha Six

Welcome to a new world of wonders and magic.

‘The Extraordinary Adventures of the Alpha Six’ is a coming of age fantasy action-adventure web serial that follows six adept and ambitious youths: Evie, Roman, Theo, Lana, Liam and Alvin, as they work for a classified government program that investigates strange cases from homicides and heists to ones beyond the scope of human understanding.

‘Alpha Incorporated’ is the first of 16 books in the Alpha Six Saga. In the first installment of the series, the protagonists are tasked with a mission to retrieve an ancient Inca mask that has mysteriously unearthed itself in Peru. Along the way, through conflicts and pitfalls, the new team struggles to come together as one. As they unravel sinister secrets behind the origin of the artifact, they soon realize that the program they have signed up for may not really be what it claims to be.

action adventure coming of age complete fantasy science fantasy series superhero

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