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A Fantasy Action Novel about Morality and Trust

Siderion is mere minutes away from becoming a member of The Order and earning his first rank stripe when Serkha City is attacked and his life is changed forever. Thrown away from everything he holds dear, he must scramble for answers as his moral ground shifts under his feet. In a world full of mages and monsters, nothing is safe.

There were lots of other mages gathered in the plaza, addressing the arkaetres they had ridden with curt nods or short dialogue. The doors to the building were big enough for even the largest dragon to enter, but still only a small imperfection in the huge structure. I knew the door was the size of a dragon because I could see one to compare it to, flying above the dome. Then I realized that the dragon was black. "Dad? Look up there."

He looked up and cocked his head in confusion. "I’ve never seen anything like that before." The beast was quite high in the sky and didn’t look particularly threatening, but it still spooked me to see an arkaetre that wasn’t white. After watching the shadowy dragon for a few more moments, my dad said slowly, "It seems like they have no rider. We should probably tell the Council about this."

I nodded and followed him inside the dome. "But what about the opening ceremony?" I asked nervously, looking down at my watch.

"We’ve got some time."

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This is a novella-type story, so don’t be alarmed if the chapters are short. All Rights Reserved. © Maja D.B. 2020.

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