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Ayrin's Journey

Dark days are ahead for the hundred kingdoms, feuds erupting into civil war as alliances unravel, loosened by blood and steel. North of the kingdoms, evil stirs and monsters march, march north to warmer lands and to their prey.

Against this tide stand small bands of brave warriors, men and women of courage, skill and valour. Hunters and slayers of great beasts, but as the seasons’ turn, they too fall one by one. their once proud position now tainted with the threat of defeat hanging overhead like an axe, ready to fall.

Amidst all of this, a thatcher’s son, Ayrin, is thrust into the tides of fate to be dashed against the cliffs of his destiny. He may survive, though the current is strong and he is but a boy. He will be hard-pressed to endure lest he stray from the path and doom all men to follow his failure and meet their demise.

action adventure fantasy magic monsters sword and sorcery

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