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Once in a Lifetime

Life in the small town of Tomahawk Hills is normal.

Too normal, at least for Louise Palrick

It seems whenever she wasn’t in school, she would be diving deep into paranormal sightings posted online. Strange government trucks, UFOs, Cryptids? No matter how crazy it was, she would dig as much as she could, hoping that the town’s mundane environment was a mask for something more exciting. However, one night, an anonymous benefactor contacts her, shedding light on a sinister conspiracy, which would mean doom for her home.

Now with a mysterious artifact in hand, along with a mysterious new friend, Davis Foster, She now has to discover and hide the secrets amongst her home town, in order to escape the clutches of a mysterious organization Will this be the once in a lifetime adventure she hoped for, or the start of something far beyond her control?


Chapters will be released on the first friday of every month Artist: Komoumo ( If you want to support the book, feel free to tip or donate to our patreon! Ko-Fi: Patreon:

action adventure coming of age fantasy magic monsters

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