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Vigilantes Make Us Safe

When the world was on the brink in the 1940s a group of strange men and women with uncommon ability stepped up and helped pull the world back. They inspired generations to come and led to a golden age of vigilantes protecting the world.

Times change though. The world got more complicated and by the early 2000s almost nowhere on earth was willing to tolerate unregulated men and women dispensing their own form of justice. The dawn of the internet made operating in the shadows virtually impossible.

Everyone thought the day of vigilantes was done but presidential candidate Richard Hughes, riding a wave of populism, has promised to bring these men and women back into the light and empower them to keep us all safe. The passing of the Vigilantes Making Us Safe Act could change everything.

A variety of titles including Hitbox, Serenity, Rebel Rebel, Dynamo, and more to come, will come together to show many sides of our larger world. They will show how vigilantes can make us safe.

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