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The Chalice Quartet

A chalice sits on a dusty shelf in a curiosity shop in the city of Whitney. Alpine, a Touch wizard and definitely not a thief, has been tasked with stealing that chalice. Once he does, he realizes he can’t part with something so valuable.

On the run, he meets three people who wind up bound to each other using the chalice: a half-elven woman named Anladet, a grivven named Telbarisk, and a trirec named Raulin. The spell that ties them together lasts for one full year, during which they must learn to live with each other and help Raulin complete his contracts.

It won’t be easy. Every day promises new challenges for the quartet. And by the end of the year, the four will be changed irrevocably, never to return to their former lives again.

assassins fantasy magic quest spies sword and sorcery thieves

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