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The Call of the Seven Peaks

For almost four centuries, the mountain kingdom of Tamor, lay under the boot of her southern neighbor, the great and prosperous Alliance of Independent Provinces. Tamor, a nation of sheep and rocks and ancient customs, suffered and struggled to survive.

Eliot Sanders, the son of the powerful Calatis family of the Alliance, rejects his grandfather’s path. He abandons his family name and business and the promised prestigious role of Senator. Instead he demands to forge his own glory, joining the most feared and elite military unit, the Unbreakables. His life is now forfeit to the whims of constant war, his destiny bound by the honor and brotherhood of the Unbreakables.

Taurin, the son of a peasant and a defeated nation refuses to bow to the conqueror and accept his fate. He yearns for a world where the pride of his country is not ensnared in the mists of despair, where Tamor is again guarded by her Seven Peaks and the ancient order of the Blessed.

Two men, two warriors from disparate cultures, thrown together by chance or destiny, struggle in the chasm between friend and enemy. Together they will bring both their peoples to the brink of war.

action complete dark fantasy friendship military

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