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Orphic Phantasia

A Mystopian Faerie Tale

The world is dying. Every day, the Moon’s orbit deteriorates. With science unable to provide an answer, people turn to the Old Ways for salvation, to the supernatural world and its otherworldly courts, who see humans as little more than pawns and playthings for their myriad games and schemes.

But Dante doesn’t believe the world is ending. He thinks it an illusion created to control people. He wants to overcome the lies and earn a place in the distant City, whose inhabitants no longer believe in such superstitious nonsense as ‘magic’ and ‘faeries’.

When an encounter with a mysterious girl casts new and troubling light on all he assumes real, however, a tentative Dante begins his search for the truth, and answers to three very important questions:

Who are the Sidhe? What is the Erebus? And why did his mother leave him for the mountainous arcology of Malkuth?

apocalyptic dark dystopian ensemble fantasy magic mythic supernatural